Series (Authors): The Girl in the White Gloves, by Kerri Maher

Maher’s novel tells a tale as imagined through the poetic lens of Grace herself, where not everything about being a Princess is as perfect as it may seem...


Famous Friendships: Grace Kelly & Frank Sinatra

When A-lister Grace Kelly left the bright lights of Hollywood for the glittering shores of Monaco, she put in the work to stay in touch with her co-star friends. One of the friends who made the cut was Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Here’s how their friendship survived Tinseltown and international travel.

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5 Style Must-Haves According to Grace Kelly

To kick off a trend is one thing. To set the standards for decades of women’s fashion is next-level influence...

Grace Kelly


Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing LLC

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Elegance Engraved on a Historic Postage Stamp

The iconic stamp features an engraved version of her portrait from a publicity photograph from the Oscar-winning film, making immortal this image of Princess Grace captured two years before she would become Princess Grace of Monaco...

What Grace Kelly Taught the World About Being a Royal

Being Hollywood royalty is not the same as becoming actual royalty, and Grace Kelly knew she was signing up for much more than crowns...



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