May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


The Face Masks That Are

Giving Back to Broadway

How four face masks are providing support—and jobs—to out-of-work theater artists...

The Rarest Kelly Bags and the Celebs Who Carry Them

These are some of the rarer variations, owned by only the luckiest and most persistent among Hollywood royalty...

Grace Kelly


Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing LLC

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Series (Authors): The Girl in the White Gloves, by Kerri Maher

Maher’s novel tells a tale as imagined through the poetic lens of Grace herself, where not everything about being a Princess is as perfect as it may seem...

LIG IG (2).png


Lessons in Grace: Mask Etiquette with Myka Meier

We couldn’t be more thrilled to kick things off with our collaboration with Myka Meier, an expert in British, Continental European and American etiquette and Founder of Beaumont Etiquette. “Lessons in Grace” is designed to bring those very qualities into the modern era, and we believe Grace Kelly herself would approve.

Princess Grace's Philanthropic Legacy and The Origins of The Princess Grace Foundation - USA.

Before she was palling around with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando, she was an actress trying to make it in the industry, hoping someone would recognize the artistic potential in her. The opportunities that allowed for her success were what  she hoped to someday provide for other emerging creatives...

What Grace Kelly Taught the World About Being a Royal

Being Hollywood royalty is not the same as becoming actual royalty, and Grace Kelly knew she was signing up for much more than crowns...



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