Our 2020 Staff Holiday Wishlist has Arrived

The 2020 Holiday Season is in full swing, and we couldn't resist the opportunity to share what's on each of our wishlists this year. Santa, we hope you're listening...

Brisa's Pick

(Chief Executive Officer)

Dukes Martini

Dukes is my favorite bar (and my favorite bartender) in the world, and is famous for being where Ian Fleming came up with the term shaken not stirred...

Menaka's Pick

(Content Director)

Anissa Kermiche


I love the inherent humor of home decor items that look like body parts, but I only want it in my own home if it’s also beautiful. Luckily, and without question, this piece satisfies both requirements (and I dare anyone to resist that glossy cobalt blue finish)!

Kevin's Pick

Chief Marketing Officer

RH Modern Faux Fur Throw

Nothing seems more holiday to me than curling up in front of the fireplace with a blanket and relaxing in the moment.Of course this holiday season I am thinking about family and friends that I am not be able to see and celebrate with and so having this lush extra comfort to wrap up in feels like the ultimate escape.

Ann-Marie's Pick

Chief of Staff

A Stay at The Fife Arms

After studying abroad in Edinburgh in 2008 (!), I've considered Scotland to be a second home. During lockdown, while scrolling IG for travel inspiration, I discovered The Fife Arms. A stone’s throw away from Balmoral, this luxury hotel juxtaposes my favorite things beautifully; you can walk into a room full of Victorian inspired tartans and dark wood paneling, but on the walls hang modern masterpieces by artists Lucien Freud and Zhang Enli.

Emilie's Pick

Marketing Associate

Theatre Development Fund Membership

Oh how I crave a matinee right about now! With the doors shut on Broadway, I want nothing more than to support the arts this Holiday season. A TDF membership is the perfect way to show my support, while also looking forward to the day I can finally “sit back, relax and enjoy the show.”

Isabel's Pick

Editorial Intern

Cornelia James

Long Leather Gloves

Cornelia James Gloves have been at the top of my wishlist ever since I saw the Queen wearing a cashmere pair at London Fashion Week in 2018. The “Elodie Long Leather Glove” is the perfect way to add a classy, yet edgy look to my winter wardrobe.

Clara's Pick

Creative Advisor

Things Most Delightful

Hand Embroidered Vintage Table Linen

Art in any form and size is what I look for. Merging the past with the present, while changing the narration. These vintage delicate table placemats and napkins will add a touch of festivity to my dining table and will be shared with the ones I love. “On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…”

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Photo Credits: Pinterest, Dukes London, Cornelia James, Things Most Delightful, Fife Arms, Anissa Kermiche, RH Modern

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