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Cannes Film Festival: 31 iconic beauty moments from Grace Kelly to Bella Hadid

If there is one place where chic and glamor go hand in hand, it's the Cannes Film Festival and its parade of stars, more than ever in their 31s.

Photo Credit:: Andreas Rentz

For more than half a century, the Cannes Film Festival has been welcoming moviegoers and other stars of the big screen. This divine place, where the greatest films are presented, between avant-garde and innovation, has seen its steps being trodden by the greatest and with them, fashion and beauty looks that have become legendary. Wardrobes have, to say the least, changed range over the past 72 years. Beauty looks have long juggled between glamor and simplicity without ever failing to surprise us.

Eternal icons

We probably owe the tradition of adorning hairstyles with tiaras and other adornments to Elizabeth Taylor, who had ascended the steps in 1957 as a recently crowned icon. And what about Catherine Deneuve with her almost childish white headband or Sophia Loren and her narrow-brimmed hat? In 1974, Jane Birkin brought a touch of French carelessness to the red carpet, with stunningly simple makeup and air-dried hair. More than 30 years later, his daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourgborrowed this sweetness from him by adding his touch to it. With natural undulations as a hairstyle and, remaining faithful to her style, a leather jacket, and low-waisted jeans, she corresponded in all respects to the French rock chic that we love to see on the Croisette.

Chic and glamorous

As for make-up, Brigitte Bardot remains the undisputed queen of liner, opening the door to a long line of fans, such as Penelopé Cruz and her bewitching black kohl line or Jodie Turner-Smith and her smoky eye, oscillating between gold and deep black. Another style has largely found its place on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival: the minimalist look. Selena Gomez and her simple but timeless lipstick was the proof, no need more to please the cameras. The elements of surprises cannot be neglected either, we think in particular of Kristen Stewart, whose lipstick was in perfect harmony with her platinum hair and her slightly amber eyes under a very fine liner. Susan Sarandon, for her part, had played the card of audacity by arriving in an emerald green dress with ultra sexy cutouts, with a plunging neckline and an unveiled leg, sporting a pair of dark glasses as a true Hollywood star.

From the curls of Diana Ross to the glow of an Angelina Jolie who was several months pregnant, here are 31 shots of the most striking beauty moments observed in Cannes. Keep an eye out, it starts again from May 17, 2022.

Photo Credit: Bettmann

Grace Kelly, 1955

Photo Credit: Bettmann

Brigitte Bardot, 1956

Photo Credit: Hulton Archive

Ingrid Bergman, 1956

Photo Credit: Mirrorpix

Elizabeth Taylor, 1956

Photo Credit: Gilbert TOURTE

Sophia Loren, 1959

Photo Credit: Bettmann

Catherine Deneuve, 1966

Photo Credit: Gilles GIRIBALDI

Diana Ross, 1973

Photo Credit: Michael GINFRAY

Jane Birkin, 1974

Photo Credit: Anwar Hussein

Princess Diana, 1987

Photo Credit: Ron Davis

Salma Hayek, 1999

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