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Introducing Grace Influential's First-Ever Style Ambassador: Taylor Angino

Grace Influential is your essential guide to the latest in fashion and style. We are pleased to announce our first-ever Style Ambassador, Taylor Angino.

Taylor Angino is a fashion stylist and creative consultant based in New York City and Los Angeles. After studying both art and costume history, Taylor began his career at American Vogue starting as an intern and eventually rising to the rank of Associate Fashion Editor. During his 5-year tenure, he consulted for multiple cover shoots and major fashion stories for the publication. Now he frequently consults on the magazine's digital platform and has styled many celebrities for online and social videos, as well as Vogue's first-ever digital cover.

Taylor will immerse Grace Influential readers with the latest in fashion and style and take us along behind the scenes of his exciting work.

Read on for more about Grace Influential’s premier Style Ambassador, Taylor Angino.

Q: Where does your style inspiration come from and who have been your biggest influences?

TA: I grew up in Rancho Santa Fe, California spending the majority of my days riding horses and surfing. With this lifestyle, I gravitated towards clothes that had a functional and practical purpose. Nowadays, I feel my style is rooted in that California relaxed and practical sensibility. Other than where I grew up, my style inspiration comes from life - it could be someone I see on the subway in New York City to a ballet performance at Lincoln Center or a beautiful painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I find that the moment you can let yourself relax and open your eyes, that's when the magic happens.

The biggest influence will have to first be my mom! Not only was she the first one to dress me but my mom has the most classic and sensible style. After my mom, I’ll have to say, Tonne Goodman, for her classic American style - white jeans, a blue shirt, a navy blazer, and a Charvet scarf - no-fuss, no-frills, very pragmatic. I assisted Tonne Goodman for five years and we traveled the world together. We would go from the airport to a photoshoot to a dinner party to a late-night fitting and we would have to be appropriately dressed for any occasion. Going through all of those adventures definitely had a large influence on me. Then, of course, Mick Jagger as everyone needs a little sequin and sparkle in their life!

Q: What are you most excited to bring to the Grace Influential audience?

TA: I'm most excited to bring young fashion designers to the forefront of the Grace Influential audience. There are so many incredible designers not only here in the United States but all over the world.

Q: Where is your next destination for style inspiration?

TA: You know I have never been to Morocco and that has always been a dream of mine! Yves Saint Laurent who is one of my all-time favorite fashion heroes would travel to Morocco for inspiration. I would love to follow in his footsteps and see all of the colors, the people, the food, and the textiles. All I want to do is wear caftans and oversized necklaces and bangles!

Q: What is your favorite piece of style advice?

TA: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” - Coco Chanel

Q: Tell us about your most memorable day as a stylist.

My first ever photoshoot with Tonne Goodman!

The premise of the photoshoot was to photograph model Birgit Kos at the Venice Art Biennale with photographer Mario Testino. I traveled from New York City to Venice, Italy with 12 trunks and, I was absolutely terrified and excited all at the same time. How I was going to get the trunks through customs, then into a van, and then onto a gondola - all while not being fluent in the local language? Thankfully, and to my great relief, I had the assistance of a team of local producers to assist me and they were absolute angels (we still are dear Instagram friends).

Even though I was so stressed at the start, I remember beaming a smile ear to ear. Once I got through the weeds of productional logistics, the magic happened. We were zipping around Venice aboard a vaporetto (the Venetian waterbus) and I would change Birgit into the most beautiful gowns then off she would hop in front of the camera. We also had special access to the Venice Art Biennale before it was open to the public to photograph various artists and their exhibitions. After a fabulous day shooting, our team would go to Harry’s Bar for dinner. It was heaven.

I remember traveling to Venice with my Dad, Mom, and sister when I was twelve or thirteen and at a young age, I always knew I wanted to be in fashion. Then, a decade later, there I was for my first job with Vogue with my heroes, Tonne Goodman, and Mario Testino. I was watching the sunset over San Giorgio Maggiore and it was pure bliss. I was so thankful and full of gratitude understanding that with passion your dreams can come true!

Q: What are some of your personal philanthropic passions?

TA: I am a strong believer in the arts and that art can conquer evil. I love to support artists in any way that I can. I'm also passionate about helping the LGBTQ+ community - everyone should have equal opportunities and rights - it's fundamental!

Behind-the-scenes with Taylor

Putting on platform Dries Van Noten boots on singer Kilo Kish on the cliffs of Malibu

Putting on platform Dries Van Noten boots on singer Kilo Kish on the cliffs of Malibu

At the White House for the Vogue cover shoot with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden

Pulling out the train of a Valentino Couture dress for model Indira Scott on location in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Taylor has more in store for us, including content from the upcoming Fall 2021 New York Fashion Week.



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