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Lessons in Grace: Mask Etiquette with Myka Meier

We’re delighted to introduce a new series we call “Lessons in Grace,” a collection of tutorials on etiquette, through our lens. Grace Kelly was known for her elegance, poise, and consideration for others. These “Lessons in Grace” are designed to bring those very qualities into the modern era, and we believe Grace Kelly herself would approve. We’ll cover a variety of topics relevant to modern living and the Grace Influential lifestyle. We couldn’t be more thrilled to kick things off with our collaboration with Myka Meier, an expert in British, Continental European and American etiquette and Founder of Beaumont Etiquette, one of the Leading Protocol and Etiquette Schools of the World and official partner of the Plaza Hotel Finishing Program.

Today, we’re sharing some advice from Myka around mask etiquette, a topic that remains highly relevant as we begin to navigate a new year. Our favorite part: Myka is wearing one of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA “Silver Screen’ masks. If giving back is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll want to make sure you secure your own via donation to the Princess Grace Foundation - USA at pgfusa.org.

Read, watch, and listen, and make sure you stay tuned for more #lessonsingrace.

Mask Etiquette by Myka Meier

Author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy

Duchess Effect Webinar with Myka Meier

1. Follow mask guidelines.

Every state and many businesses have created their own guidelines regarding mask wearing. It’s respectful of those around you to follow the rules created to ensure the safety of everyone. You may want to carry an extra mask in case the one you are wearing falls on the floor or street.

2. Make sure to wear a mask properly.

A mask should be worn so it covers your mouth, nose and chin. It should fit snuggly on the lower half of your face, and should only be removed when eating. Keep it on when speaking to others.

3. Never put your mask on a dining table.

When you’re eating at a restaurant or in someone’s home, your mask, like your keys and phone, should be put away and never left on the table. Once taken off, a mask belongs in a paper bag (avoid plastic where bacteria can flourish), pocket or handbag, and not on the table. When you are seated at a table in a restaurant you may be allowed to remove your mask if your meal has not been served yet, but if you get up to use the restroom you should place your mask back on to walk around the room.

4. Follow the host’s rules.

If you are not wearing a mask, and don’t want to put one on, you should be respectful of the place you are visiting, whether it be someone’s home, a store or other location, and put one on if requested to do so. Or you can choose to go somewhere else. If wearing a mask is not required by the state you are in or the location, you can politely agree to keep a certain amount of space between you and other people so everyone is comfortable.

5. It’s okay to ask a service provider to wear a mask.

Call ahead of your appointment to confirm a service provider, such as a manicurist or handyman, will be wearing a mask. If you are in a position where a service provider you are working with isn’t wearing a mask, it is okay to request that they put one on. You can say something along the lines of, “Do you have a mask you can please wear during my appointment?” You can add that you are trying to be cautious or careful at this time. If they refuse, you can leave and take your business elsewhere.

6. Put on and take off your mask the correct way.

CDC guidelines explain that the correct way to remove or place a mask on your face is to use the straps that go around your ears or head, and use clean hands when putting it on. After removing a washable mask, place it in the washing machine. Be careful to not touch your eyes, nose and mouth and then wash your hands, for 20 seconds at least, immediately afterwards.

During this crucial moment when Broadway’s stages are dark, theater lovers can still make a difference. Add one of these unique face masks to your collection by making a $100 donation to the Princess Grace Foundation, and stay safe and stylish during the pandemic while supporting the artists and shows you care about.

Stay tuned for future "Lessons in Grace" with Myka Meier.

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