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Princess Grace Foundation to deliver Grace Influential Positive Impact Award

The inaugural award will be presented at the FORMULA 1® Grand Prix de Monaco 2023.

  • Supported by Formula 1®, the award celebrates teams’ achievements in line with globally recognized sustainability standards

  • Industry giant Pirelli announced as the official partner of the award

  • Media partnerships with Sky Sports and Forbes Impact Lab will drive awareness of team achievements in positive impact

  • Bespoke award created by internationally renowned artist Dale Chihuly

The Princess Grace Foundation, supported by Formula 1®, will deliver the inaugural Grace Influential Positive Impact Award at this weekend’s FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2023. The award is an initiative established to recognize the commitment and contribution made by Formula 1® teams to create positive impact for society and the environment worldwide.

All ten Formula 1® teams have been invited to submit entries to the Grace Influential Positive Impact Award, focusing on either environmental or social sustainability. Submissions will be judged on a range of criteria including their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework, as well as their synergy with the philanthropic spirit of the Princess Grace Foundation.

The Foundation has also announced its partnership with Pirelli, a reflection of the global manufacturing titan’s focus on pushing the sustainability movement forward across the sporting landscape. As media partners, Sky Sports, and Forbes Impact Lab will ensure the positive contributions of Formula 1® teams are seen around the world.

Further support for the establishment and development of the award comes from leading sustainability and sport strategic advisory firm Enovation Consulting, who has provided specialist strategic, partnerships, and technical advisory services, and Times Square Live Media, who is providing media and development counsel.

At an event during the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2023 weekend, the winning Formula 1® team will be presented with the Gilded Mediterranean Blue Venetian with Speckled Leaves (2022), a bespoke artwork created and donated by internationally renowned artist, Dale Chihuly.

Brisa Carleton, CEO of the Princess Grace Foundation, said: “In establishing the Grace Influential Positive Impact Award, it has been critical that we build something worthy of Princess Grace’s legacy. Through our partnership with some of the most prestigious names in motorsport, we are thrilled to shine a light on the inspirational work going on across Formula One to drive progress in sustainability.”

Ellen Jones, Head of ESG at Formula 1®, said: “The Grace Influential Positive Impact Award is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the great work F1 teams are doing to deliver on our sustainability strategy across the sport year-round. And as we know, it isn’t about one winner: it’s about all of us moving to improve and having a more positive impact in everything we do. The Princess Grace Foundation has a unique platform to positively influence and raise awareness, and it is fantastic to work with them on this initiative.”

Mario Isola, Head of Motorsport at Pirelli, said: “Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of Pirelli, fully integrated into the group’s vision and strategy for growth. That’s even more true for motorsport, which has always been an extraordinary crucible for technical innovation that can then be transferred to everyday life. We fully share the environmental sustainability objectives that Formula 1 has fixed for 2030 and – together with the FIA, teams, and other stakeholders – we have all embarked on a journey that will lead the pinnacle of motorsport to meet those targets, step by step. Over the last few years, our sport has also become a powerful vehicle for positive messaging, able to reach an ever-growing and diverse audience. So, it was natural to draw this partnership with the Princess Grace Foundation into a powerful initiative for the common good of everyone, both within Formula 1 and outside of it.”

Dr. Cristiana Pace, Ambassador for the Grace Influential Positive Impact Award and CEO of Enovation Consulting, said: “Motorsport has long struggled for recognition in the realm of positive environmental and social impact, even though many of the sustainability innovations we now rely on find their roots in the industry. We are therefore delighted to be working closely with the Princess Grace Foundation to develop and deliver the Grace Influential Positive Impact Award and contribute to changing perceptions globally.

Seth Cohen, Head of Forbes Impact Lab said: “Formula 1® is more than a leading force in motorsports, it also is one of the fastest growing forces in global culture. In that spirit, the Grace Influential Positive Impact Award is an important initiative that amplifies the idea that it is possible to do good while also doing well. That’s why the efforts of the F1 teams, the Princess Grace Foundation, and partners like Pirelli to make social impact more visible is not only commendable, but essential, and is a shared mission of the work the Forbes Impact Lab does every day all around the world. ”

Leslie Chihuly, President and CEO at Chihuly Studio, said: “Innovation is central to Dale’s artmaking practice, and we strive to implement ever-more sustainable processes in our Studio. We are proud to partner with the Princess Grace Foundation and to celebrate innovation in sustainability through the Grace Influential Positive Impact Award, and we are thrilled to share Dale’s work with the winning Formula One team.”

Dale Chihuly | Gilded Mediterranean Blue Venetian with Speckled Leaves, 2022 | 20 x 5 x 5"

About the Grace Influential Positive Impact Award

The Grace Influential Positive Impact Award recognizes the Formula 1® team demonstrating the highest achievement in their ongoing commitment to sustainability and positive impact. The award is named for and inspired by Princess Grace of Monaco in honor of the global culture of philanthropy she ignited in Monaco and the enduring example she set as an iconic global leader for positive impact.

Formula 1® teams are invited annually to submit applications that showcase their accomplishments according to criteria including sustainability, inclusion and diversity, philanthropy, and education, aligning with the values championed by Princess Grace during her lifetime. The award will be presented by HSH Prince Albert II at a ceremony to take place during the Grand Prix de Monaco race weekend.

About the Princess Grace Foundation

The Princess Grace Foundation was established in 1982 by HSH Prince Rainier III and is dedicated to upholding the charitable legacy of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. The Foundation is recognized for its prestigious awards program celebrating excellence and positive change across the arts and beyond.



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