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Remembering Princess Grace Forty Years Beyond

September 13th, 2022, marked 40 years since the passing of the beloved Princess Grace of Monaco.

The Academy Award-winning actress Grace Kelly turned Monaco royal was dedicated to her family, philanthropy, and the arts and undoubtedly left an impression on the world. Her legacy continues to live on 40 years later.

Princess Grace holds her son, Prince Albert, in 1958

"Forty years on, she still captures people's imagination," Prince Albert of Monaco says, recalling his mother. "She managed to capture the imagination and attention of several younger generations, and not many have done that. It's an incredible gift that she had."

"It doesn't seem like 40 years," he said. "Many times during a day, a week, not only do I find myself thinking of her, but numbers of people still recall her to me. They remember her, and that's a great tribute to her and who she was — to what an exceptional human being she was." He added, "She had charm and incredible allure about her. And It's not only her beauty or the fashion icon that she was that attracts people. It was her warmth, her heart, the humanity people saw in her that they remember."

On Wednesday, the Prince’s Palace of Monaco honored the beloved figure in a series of mostly black-and-white photos posted to Instagram.

Princess Grace recording family moments.

According to the post, the “in memoriam” photos come from the archives of the Prince’s Palace as well as associates of the family, including Fausto Picedi, Georges Lukomski, Gianni Bozzacchi, and Italo Bazzoli.

From photos of her wedding day to Prince Rainier III in April 1956 to visiting a children’s hospital, documenting family memories on a vintage movie camera, and with her children, the carousel ends with a colorful portrait of the beautiful Princess.

Photo Credit: Palais Princier de Monaco / Instagram

A colorful portrait of Princess Grace rounded out the palace’s Instagram post

“Her presence is still very much felt. Her legacy is still very present in the Principality and elsewhere in the world. People I meet talk about her all the time, even people who didn’t know her," shared Prince Albert II of Monaco. “We would be watching Mogambo, and I would see my mother next to me but also on the screen,” the Prince shares. Even though he did not live through his mother’s career, the Sovereign makes a point of watching her films.

“He can only be moved and happy to see her celebrated because she was an exceptional actress,” says Henry-Jean Servat, the creator of the documentary that will recount Grace Kelly’s film career on the 40th anniversary of her death. “I wanted to talk about Grace Kelly’s career because we have talked so much about the Princess that we have ended up forgetting that she was an actress first and foremost,” he explains.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Grace Kelly in the film To Catch A Thief.

Also, as a tribute to the actress, Henry-Jean Servat is organizing the screening of nine Grace Kelly films at the Cinémathèque in Nice, starting on September 14. An event that Prince Albert II is planning to attend on September 27th, at the showing of To Catch a Thief. “He will be coming with some members of his family and will take part in the debate afterward," the Nice town councillor in charge of the cinema is pleased to announce.

Some of the Cinémathèque’s 300 seats will be reserved for local elected officials of the city of Nice, starting with the mayor, Christian Estrosi, and several will be occupied by the members of the Cinémathèque. Tickets will also be available for the general public. So keep your eyes open!



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