From the Mini to the 50: Kelly Bag Moments Through History

The Hermès Kelly bag is one of the most recognizable fashion accessories in the world. Created in the 1930s by the Parisian fashion house, the bag shot to stardom after it was photographed on the arm of Academy-Award-winning actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. A favorite with fashionable celebs, the bag has kept its status as one of the most coveted luxury goods in the world. Let us take you through the Kelly’s beginnings and the arm-candy moments on its journey to eternal It-Bag status.

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Photo credits: Shutterstock Inc./Sergey Bezgodov, Ed Peters / NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images, Shutterstock Inc./FernandoV, Shutterstock Inc./Camera Rules, Courtesy of Paramount Pictures, Princess Grace Foundation USA, Christie’s, Suites Culterelles, Hermès

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