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Several hotels (and one very special fine jewelry flagship) pay tribute to Grace Kelly through their gorgeous interiors .


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Princess Grace definitely knew how to throw a legendary fête.

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Patron of the arts, prominent figure of Parisian salons, literary muse, American. The life of Alice, Princess of Monaco, is gilded with legend.


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Your Guide to A Grace-full Halloween

Spooked by having no Halloween costume? Grace Kelly is here to help.

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you're a fan of Grace Kelly and still need a memorable costume to celebrate this year's Spooky Season activities - you've come to the right place. We've prepared 8 iconic Grace Kelly ensembles perfect for a graceful and chic trick-or-treat you can recreate at home. Let's dive in!

Look #1: Rear Window Realness

If black is your color, you can recreate this sophisticated Grace Kelly costume from Rear Window without the help of designer Edith Head. This gorgeous look, topped off with a bold red lip and pretty pearls, will surely get anyone's attention through the rear window. We found the staple pieces you need to assemble the ensemble you may already own in your closet.

Look #2: Gold on Gold on Gold

Fit for only the most extra, over-the-top, dramatic Halloween celebrator, we have the exact look for you. If the gold ball gown skirt and body-hugging corset aren’t enough to sway your decision, the accessories certainly will. From bold gold jewelry to fans and elbow-length gloves, this look is truly fit for a Halloween princess. Get the Gold on Gold on Gold look here.

Look #3: Khaki Krazy

Grace Kelly is known for her iconic monochromatic 'fits, especially the timeless khaki dress shirt and pant moment in the film High Society. With a red ascot in addition to the classic Kelly red lip, you'll surely be showing up to the Halloween function looking like high society. For the classy gal, we found the perfect items to complete this look that you can sport any day of the year as well.

Look #4: Pink 'n Preppy

If one look screams Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief, it’s this one. It fully captures the confidence of Grace's character Frances Stevens driving behind the wheel of the Sunbeam Alpine with Cary Grant by her side. This pink look is sure to match your Pinterest page and support the latest resurgence of the preppy trend. Join the modern fashion craze in the way Grace Kelly pioneered it here.

Look #5: Sheer Suprise

Sometimes less is more. If you're looking for a simple costume that's still scarily stunning, Lisa Carol Fremont's seductive slip paired with a sheer cover-up is your go-to look. Just as Grace Kelly turns a corner to reveal this sexy ensemble, you'll also turn heads in this number.

Look #6: Black and white beach look

Simply elegant and a Grace Kelly staple, this black and white ensemble makes a bold statement without going over the top. It is the perfect look for those wanting to indulge in a 1950s vintage moment and feel sexily feminine. If you don’t already have several of these basics in your wardrobe, below are our recommendations to best pull this look together.

Look #7: Picture Pink

For a Halloween costume where pictures tell a thousand words, what's not better than recreating Grace Kelly's killer glance from Dial M for Murder? Feminine and fierce, have your Spooky Season photoshoot in this baby pink cardigan, grabbing some newspapers from home and finishing the look with a fiery red lip.

Look #8: Not so yellow polka dot bikini

Even if the weather may not agree with your desire to hold onto the last vestiges of summer, this beach look certainly will. Live out your vacation fantasies of relaxing under the warm Monaco sun with a pair of statement white cat eye sunnies and a bold yellow midi dress. That is a combo that never goes out of style. You can achieve this summertime, fun time look with only a few clicks...



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